Avoid Failure – Choose Your Friends Wisely

If you want to know why you have failed, look at who you surrounded yourself with.

You cannot surround yourself with liars and claim you’re not a liar.

You cannot surround yourself with manipulative people and claim you’re not a manipulator.

If you’re a woman, you cannot surround yourself with angry feminists and claim you’re not one of them.

You don’t run around with a bunch of defeated aimless men and find your path and be a winner.

Who you surround yourself with, is who you become.

Just cause you’re down and it might make you feel better surrounding yourself with those that are worse than you, it doesn’t mean that being down won’t become your normal. You’ll stop looking up and start staying down and shift the blame on others.

How do you grow if you avoid everything that challenges you, if you run away at the slightest discomfort?

Shed those that hold you back, move on, find new friends, new associates, people that help you grow, people that are not threatened by your potential. People that want you to grow with them.

No matter how strong you are, you are not immune from your peers. If they are constantly negative, insecure and destructive, it will affect you.

Your friends, just like everything in your life, might need an upgrade. If your friends don’t bring out the best in you, then you are surrounded by the wrong friends. True friends tell you when you’re losing your way, they care enough to have those difficult conversations others avoid.

Once you allow these negative forces affecting you, you hurt yourself and hurt those in your life that are good, it’s a chain reaction jumping from circle to circle.

Choose your company wisely, choose your environment wisely, choose who you give your attention and who you avoid. Those choices will make the difference between failing or being successful.

MGTOW gives you a strong foundation of principles that you can guide your life by, but you still have to pay attention at who’s around you and what circles you frequent. Your eyes should always be open to what drives people and what their ultimate goals are.

It’s time to hunker down men, we are under attack from all angles, you tube flaggers and associations like the southern poverty law center are actively working on flagging and censoring the voice of those who are fed up being just a cog in a machine, a tool to be used and then discarded.

“If you cannot find a good companion to
walk with, walk alone, like an elephant
roaming the jungle. It is better to be
alone than to be with those who
will hinder your progress.” ~ Buddha

There are people that are not comfortable walking alone, and they choose to associate out of desperation with whomever crosses their path. It might make you feel good temporarily but long term they will lead you down a path that’s nothing but trouble.

If you notice red flags, learn to be comfortabl on your own. Beware of those that constantly suck up to you, that always make your ego feel good, they are manipulative and they have other intentions that what they present.

It’s better to be alone than surround by people that will bring you down.

Stay mgtow my friends and may tomorrow find you a better man.