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March 2018 – MGTOW Voice
Avoid Failure – Choose Your Friends Wisely

If you want to know why you have failed, look at who you surrounded yourself with. You cannot surround yourself with liars and claim you’re not a liar. You cannot surround yourself with manipulative people and claim you’re not a manipulator. If you’re a woman, you cannot surround yourself with angry feminists and claim you’re […]

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Women Attempts To Dominate And Project

Guys, one thing you need to understand is that women (all women) have been, in one way or another, attempting to program your behavior, to become more feminine, as they have went about trying to mimick masculinity, themselves. You’ve probably noticed that women nowadays tend to over exaggerate their posture and body language, in that […]

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Anti-Male Shaming Tactics Infographic

Shaming tactics are often used by female detractors who refuse to argue a MGTOW’s points with logic. “You’re a misogynist.” “Check your privilege.” These tactics are emotional devices that play on a man’s insecurities and shut down debate.  They demonize men who ask hard questions, and elicit sympathy for women.  The majority of these shaming […]

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