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Avoid Failure – Choose Your Friends Wisely
If you want to know why you have failed, look at who you surrounded yourself with. You cannot surround yourself
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Women Attempts To Dominate And Project
Guys, one thing you need to understand is that women (all women) have been, in one way or another, attempting
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Anti-Male Shaming Tactics Infographic
Shaming tactics are often used by female detractors who refuse to argue a MGTOW’s points with logic. “You’re a misogynist.”
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Savage Strangle of Free Speech, the Nunes Memo, and No Child Actors MGTOW
Savage Mgtow (David) — Google (Goliath) Thomas Hobbes described the Leviathan of the state, a monster of destruction. MGTOW advise
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Masculinity Is Our Future, Tim Patten

Masculinity has been invalidated and even seen as toxic for over four decades. However, a game-changing revolution is now underway. Inside this book is a ground-breaking, and all-inclusive understanding of what being masculine means. It destroys antiquated feminist stereotypes and demonstrates how manly traits are the world's gold standard.

Based on years of study, hard data and cutting-edge research, these chapters offer uplifting insights about masculine definitions, understanding women, domestic violence, suicide, and rape.

These essays shine a light on the masculine virtues that liberate and protect our civilizations and they must be lionized, celebrated and valued. Human survival is at their mercy. It’s time that everyone witnesses the breathtaking future of these astounding qualities.

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MGTOW (”Men Going Their Own Way”) is a way of life which refuses to defer to women in defining the worth of men. Instead, it focuses on positive male aspects, inviting men to go their own way in life.

The concise definition of Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW):

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) refers to men committed to self-determination. Referring to oneself as a ”’Man Going His Own Way”’ (MGHOW) is a statement of self-ownership and a declaration that a man has the supreme right to decide what his goals in life will be as opposed to having his goals dictated by others who, in preference to self-determination, prescribe utility-based roles for males entailing servitude to women and society.